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Personalized care and high-quality services are what sets Photon Diagnostic apart from all its competitors. When it comes to health, nobody wants to take chances, and everyone wants the best services for themselves or their closed ones. At Photon Diagnostic, we stress on the right fit of the staff who have the relevant experience and skill-set to perform the set of services in the best possible way. Photon Diagnostic has always been one step ahead in providing their customers with a massive array of services at different locations, including:-


  • Pathology labs in Nangloi
  • Ultrasound in Janakpuri
  • MRI scan lab in Peeragarhi and MRI scan labs in Mangolpuri
  • CT scan lab in Nihal Vihar and CT scan lab in Mundka
  • Digital x-ray lab in Rohini
  • ECG test in Rohini

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The Backbone of our Clinic

Photon Diagnostic

Photon Diagnostic

Photon Diagnostic


Magnetic Resonance imaging, primarily done to understand the different changes that the body is undergoing. With the machines, the experts at Photon Diagnostic make sure that the entire process of the MRI scan gets done within 30 minutes. Moreover, the whole procedure gets carried out with 100% safety.

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ECG Test: Electrocardiogram is considered as one of the necessary tests. At Photon Diagnostics, experts make sure to use the most advanced machines to carry out the ECG test. ECG test gets used for testing various things such as heart attacks, the rhythm of the heart, improper flow of the blood, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc.

Digital X-Ray

Currently, with everything getting digitalized, even our X-rays have advanced. We provide digital X-rays that are more convenient, help in saving time, and also more effective with the results. In this process, the digital camera is located on the other side of the patient from where the X-ray passes through the body of the patient. Through the digital camera, a clear image gets captured that helps in decoding the problem.


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